Moving to San Mateo

Are you moving to San Mateo? Located in Silicon Valley, the city of San Mateo is only minutes from the main headquarters of Google, GoPro, and Facebook. So, it is easy to manage a career here and gain applicable experience for your field of expertise. San Mateo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.  Communities here are dedicated to surveying the satisfaction of lovely suburbanites and bustling city dwellers in order to find congruence with the change and flux of life. If you are already in the process of moving to San Mateo, you will be delighted to hear that it is a diverse city of more than 100,000 residents sporting a refined business and retail entourage. Most residents love this place. San Mateo offers amazing views of the Bay Area, breathtaking hikes in nearby foothills, and close location to the Pacific Ocean. The closest beach is about an hour away. The most popular beaches are Moss Beach and San Gregorio State Beach. There are plenty of natural attractions and outdoor places to visit. Some of the most picturesque places you can visit include Horseshoe Lake, The San Mateo Japanese Garden, and the Coyote Point Recreation Area.  The climate is very comfortable here. Dry, warm summers; and mild, damp winters. It suits your outdoor activities like hiking, long walks, family picnics, and sports. Spending too much time outdoors? There are two main shopping centers in San Mateo, The Hillsdale Mall is the best one. Here you can buy everything you need in one place. If you are looking for local goods and products, you can visit the San Mateo Farmers’ Market. San Mateo fits your style, your move is important.

Aaron’s Moving Company in San Mateo

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