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Preparing for moving to Fremont, you start to analyze the advantages of living there. In short, Fremont has all you need for a great stay in this city although it is a bit expensive. Fremont was founded in the 1840s by settlers who came to the area and established a series of railroads in the region, and now the city is known for the Bay Area Rapid Transport System, which ferries residents all over the region and into neighboring San Francisco. Fremont has a rapidly growing population of around 230,000. It is one of the largest cities by land area and the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, behind San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. Not everyone knows Fremont was actually one of the most influential in the development of Hollywood. The reason for this is that the city was actually the first community in California to start to shoot and produce movies, and while other areas soon took over and became more famous, it is fair to say that it all started in this unassuming city.

Between business, education and recreation, there are many reasons why Fremont may be the perfect place to call home. You can find here good schools and a healthy economy steeped in technology, with top employers such as Tesla and Lam Research Corporation. Among the attractions are a well-maintained parks system, performing arts venues and a summertime Aqua Adventure water park for kids. If green space is what you are after, this place is for you. The climate in Fremont makes it one of the most comfortable places to live, with mild temperatures and relatively low humidity.

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