Checklist to Prepare for Moving Day

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Checklist to Prepare for Moving Day

11 weeks before you move you should…
Start searching for a mover, and do your research.
Have you sorted through the basement yet?
Have you identified prohibited items?
Made proper plans for pets?
Decided whether you are going to take your car?

9 weeks before your move you should…
Start disposing of unwanted items

7 weeks before you move you should…
Start preparing your list of people who may need your change of address
Notify banks, credit card companies, other financial institutions, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and schools (if you have children)
Start to gather passports, birth certificates, marriage documents, and update them as necessary
Apply for visas that may be required (if out of country)
Check that electrical scokets are ready to go in her new home.

5 weeks before you move you should…
Separate all of your child’s toys
Pet vaccinations should be up to date
Forwarded mailing addresses should be written down and saved, including phone numbers
Decide if your new household purchases are tax deductible and save your receipts.

3 weeks before you move you should…
Decide what clothes should travel with you
Start to dismantle furniture, if you do not request full service moving
Know your moving company representative
Call necessary service companies to make hookups at your new home (plumbing, electrical, etc.)
Return library books.
Cancel all relevant subscriptions (if necessary).
Find new plants for your new house.

1 week before your move, have you …
Defrost the refrigerator and freezer (important)
Plan to have simple meals for your moving day to avoid having using appliances.
Separate those luggage items you may need for your personal needs.
Clean garden tools well, bicycles, and any other sports/garden equipment.
Empty the gas and oil tanks of powered tools (i.e. mowers, trimmers).
Check your medications to make sure they least for at least two weeks, and retain copies of any necessary prescriptions you use.
Collect travelers checks.
Arrange childcare on moving day.

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