Residential moving services

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Residential moving services

When dealing with residential moving, you should know it is not the same as commercial moving, though both processes involve the moving of your stuff. Whether you are planning to move down the street or outside of the city, it is important to understand what type of move you should prepare for and what to do to succeed. A local residential move is a kind of a short distance move within the same city or country. Therefore, if you have plans to change your location or move your family, it will be better for you to know all issues you can be faced with. 

      Know your budget! If you do, you can make a list of all your possible expenses ahead and start to look for the best residential movers to fit your specific needs and budget. Most reputable movers offer packing, storage and moving protection for fragile belongings. Choose whether you are going to pack your belongings by yourself or hire packing specialists. Choosing to move yourself can save you money, but will require much time, efforts and additional preparations. However, always remember that efficient packing is important to providing safety to your belongings. Labeling all boxes ahead of time will be very helpful when unpacking your belongings after the relocation is over. 

      The process of moving includes many documents. It is important to pay attention to the details and understand the meaning of each document you sign because they determine the rules of your move. Besides estimates and quotes from the movers, you receive The Bill of Landing (a.k.a. the contract). Be sure it includes the insurance to cover your possible losses if any damages occur.  Also, the contract should include contact information and the license information of your residential moving company as well as your contact details, origin and destination of the delivery, the date or time of the delivery, disputation resolution, and the item inventory. The terms and conditions of payment must be also included in the paperwork.  Look through the contract carefully, ask for additional explanation if needed, and don’t sign any contracts or paperwork before thoroughly checking them. 

      It is also a good idea to have the help of an expert moving coordinator, who will be in charge of your relocation and can answer your questions and guide you through the moving process. With their help, your home will be inspected for the items that should be moved and a full inventory of your items will be prepared. The coordinator will indicate the items which are not allowed for transportation or have special restrictions and requirements. The correct inventory helps to prevent many conflicts that may arise if something goes wrong (if some damages or losses occurs). If it appears so that your stuff is damaged while moving or is missing, make a note on the inventory list and contact your moving coordinator (agent).

      We know moving to be a complicated process, so it is important to guide every new stage in a perfect way: starting from paperwork, wrapping, loading, and finally finishing with the delivery itself. Our residential movers can provide you with the best quality services you may need during your move. We are reliable yet affordable, and we will take care of your belongings. Do you want to have a comfortable, stress-free relocation without delays? With us it is possible! Contact us today!

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