Getting smart with Aaron’s: Storage

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Getting smart with Aaron’s: Storage

It’s not the house, but what’s inside the house that makes it a home. Homeowners undergo several different types of scenarios where they will require storage of household goods, and may find themselves at the mercy of a public storage facility. Remember that packing and moving companies, like us here at Aaron’s Moving, offer storage services at non-public access facilities. Why are public storage facilities an extra step you don’t need to make? Let’s say you are going to hire movers anyways, well, it would be no sweat off your brow to inquire about storage. And let’s say it sounds like a good deal, Aaron’s Moving and other relocation specialists have coverage options to protect your goods. Consider the condition of your goods when moving your stuff; sometimes items are left in any condition for you to rummage through later at a public storage facility versus a professional company taking it to their staff only storage warehouse, keeping it safe for the duration of however many days, weeks, months, or years it may be, and then removing it and staging it for you when the storage term for the items is complete. It is hassle free. This can be an affordable option when you are moving from San Jose to Los Angeles or moving from San Francisco to San Diego, and need some time before your stuff can move in – as long as you book with a professional moving company who can handle your needs like Aaron’s Moving. Local and long distance moving companies can save your time and effort in dealing with public storage facilities. There are several reasons why you should avoid public storage facilities.

Public storage facilities are a part of the real estate industry. The total revenue for public storage facilities in 2017 was about $34 billion, reported as a subdivision of the real estate index and according to The main reasons people use public storage facilities are the “3 D’s”: death, divorce, and displacement. During the recession of the early 2010’s, public storage facilities prospered as there was a high volume of people who were experiencing hard times in their life, on top of having to pay for storage. Driving the stake further into the heart of the public storage industry, their customer service has never been “top notch”, in fact, it has been very far from it.

Let’s say you are an organized person and you own your own lock that you want to use for your storage space, most facilities will force you to purchase a lock that they provide while explaining to you that their policy doesn’t allow you to use your own lock. The truth of the matter is, public access facilities will have access to your goods for the duration of your stay. It has been reported that active customers who are paying bills on time need something out of their locker and take the time out of their day to go to their facility only to find the lock replaced and the items missing. All public storage facilities withhold the right to auction off your goods in the event of a non-payment. There is very minimal security at public storage facilities, at the most there will be security cameras that may or may not even be in the storage locker area but most likely just covering the entrance to the street. Most public storage facilities have little parking space, and outdoor facilities that have plenty of parking usually do not have insulated or climate controlled environments to keep your goods from weather damage. Blistering heat from the sun can heat up the locker. If it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside it may very well be 110 inside the locker which can melt veneer off of your expensive grandmother’s vanity, cold and rain can let moisture seep into the un-insulated locker creating mold and other problems, and pests can sneak in and cause irreplaceable damage.

You need clean, security patrolled, and climate controlled storage for your valuable belongings. Non public storage available through Aaron’s moving is the right step for you. We love to give good customer service which sets us apart from public storage facilities where sometimes the staff are unfriendly and treat customers with little to no respect. We are a local moving company and we care about our customers and their goods. Don’t let yourself get mistreated by a public storage facility.

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