Relocating Within Walnut Creek – Watch Out for These

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Relocating Within Walnut Creek – Watch Out for These

Winding roads and terrestrial beauties like willows, redwoods, and California oaks stand like soldiers on a whispering march. The beauty of Walnut Creek is unparalleled and the residents of this town of glory treat her like a treasure. We understand why people would be moving to Walnut Creek. For all, it is a desired destination among the home seekers of the Bay Area. Aaron’s Moving wants you to feel safe and secure about your belongings being delivered just how they left your home. To better prepare for your move day, we offer these tips if you live in the Walnut Creek area.

Be sure to check parking regulations for commercial trucks and in your area. Some neighborhoods have a different set of requirements and additional regulations for moving companies than the City of Walnut Creek. It is important that you check. Here is the contact information for the Walnut Creek’s parking department:

1666 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(2nd Floor of City Hall)
Phone: (925) 256-3529

Sometimes special permits are known as “obstruction permits” are required in order for big vehicles to park. Also, it is important for you to travel through the local roadways near your home and your new home checking for possible low hanging branches, icy spots, areas with flooding, downed trees, or other roadblocks such as rocks. These can all present not only a danger to the driver but can cause significant delays in terms of the total move time. Many times your neighbors will be glad to move for the truck as long as you give them notice. It would be a good idea to arrange something with your neighbors. Please know that any tickets received will be the responsibility of the customer.

We hope you are happy with Walnut Creek and also hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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