Relocating Within Oakland – Avoid these Pitfalls

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Relocating Within Oakland – Avoid these Pitfalls

Downtown can be a nightmare in almost any California city, but the Oakland hills presents many unique challenges, including parking on hills, low hanging branches that limits big-truck access, and dangerous and slippery roads during precipitous weather. 

Preparing and planning are the best ways to mitigate these problems. Here’s how:

Parking on hills: We are professionals so we know how to move your household goods safely if we have to park on a vertical incline, but parking on a horizontal incline, while rare, is a tipping hazard and hence, a safety hazard for our movers. You may need to contact the City of Oakland to ask about your specific location and you may be required to obtain an Obstruction Permit. You must apply and obtain that permit in person at the City of Oakland’s downtown site in Oakland. Please allow at least 72 hours after posting the permit before the truck can legally park. 

Low hanging branches: Customers should drive their roads, especially if you live in the backcountry areas, and ensure there are no extremely low hanging branches. Most big trucks are about 13’ give or take a few inches. Even some bridges do not allow bigger trucks to pass through due to the low clearance. If the movers encounter low hanging branches or bridges that prevent the truck from passing, the customer will have to order a smaller truck and could result in the movers having to use a smaller truck to shuttle the items into the larger truck. Sometimes an alternative route can be arranged.

Inclement weather: Sometimes the weather in the Oakland Hills, usually in the wintertime and springtime, can cause the roadways to become dangerous. Ice, mudslides, puddles of water, and wind, all present dangerous driving conditions which may increase the amount of time it takes to get to the customer’s house and between the origin and destination. Affordable movers who move in most weather conditions are hard to find, but we move people in a variety of weather conditions, but customers should be aware of their own preferences.

And of course you can call Aaron’s Moving with any questions you may have about roadway conditions, safety, or any moving-related topic. We’re happy to help you, today.

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