How to make your move affordable – with style

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How to make your move affordable – with style

You’re home is your haven. You want to the best, but you don’t want toremove an arm or a leg to get it. We get it. You should know there are some practical ways for you to save money, even with professional movers, and make your move dream like. Okay maybe not like a dream, but at least smoother. The first thing to know is that you have rights. Every state, including California has a branch of government that is tasked with protecting the consumer. In California, it is called the Department of Consumer Affairs ( At that site you can learn about your rights as a consumer, check licenses of business, and look at a log of complaints. In California, this agency is under the authority of the Attorney General, so they have the power to pursue action against companies that are not good to consumers. Make sure your moving company is legitimate before welcoming them into your home. If you do this, you can save lots of money by avoiding hiring shadowy companies that can hold your items hostage for a fee.

In 2019, Americans are earning more money, but to keep that you should understand that a little extra research can go a long way. Check out Google and Yelp pages first, then check out the consumer affairs sites as mentioned above. You can also check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against your movers. Stay safe and smart, and make your move more affordable by hiring legitimate and professional movers in the Bay Area.

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