Public Storage Pro Tips

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Public Storage Pro Tips

There are lots of storage facilities everywhere. There are three story buildings, ones with 2,500 units, climate control, etc. The most important factor in your item’s safety that you should be made aware of every-time you are packing and moving, and storing in public storage, is the wrapping materials you use. We recommend the newly introduced brown industrial strength, three-ply, anti-humidity furniture padding paper for you wrapping needs.

Avoid creating the conditions for birds, rats, mice, termites and other insects by protecting your items with this throw-away product. Furniture blankets can harm your items by sheer weight, moisture content, or slippage when used for long periods of time. The padding paper is cost effective and in abundant supply at your local moving supply company.

This is great advice for those who are wishing to use public storage for their storage needs. If you have any further questions about packing for your local move, please read our other blog posts or contact us at Aaron’s Moving. 

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