Upgrading? Downsizing? Let’s Talk About it.

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Upgrading? Downsizing? Let’s Talk About it.

Upgrading? Downsizing? Let’s Talk About it.


You may want to save money moving into a smaller house or you may need to make space for those new kids you have. This is a regular occurence during one’s lifetime and there are many millions of people who have done it and are doing it. Aaron’s Moving will provide you below with some commonsense tips on how to best prepare for either one. We’re the moving pros, and we can benefit you through our thosands of moves.  


The Internet is Your Friend

Technology has certainly provided us with some huge advantages in our quest to size up or down. How? Easy. Want to get rid of that China hutch, or how about that washer and dryer that you don’t need anymore? What about that patio furniture that noone wants and is a thorn in your side everytime you see it and have to use it. The solution is simple: Craigslist (http://www.craigslist.org); Facebook Marketplace (http://www.facebook.com/marketplace‎); LetGo (https://us.letgo.com/en); and OfferUp (https://offerup.com/). This is also a time to put those unwanted items off on those younger family members just starting out or asking for items that your older family has but you feel need to pass on.


Itemize! Itemize! Itemize!

We’re not talking about taxes here. Good movers know that the key to a successful home transition is keeping a list of what you have and what condition it is in. Head over to Office Deport or any other supply store and pick up inventory lists. You can also easily find them online. This is sort of like a journal of your belongings. Be sure to note any damage, the date, the location, and other relevant information. You can be as detailed here as you like, but you should be sure to keep a log. Do not neglect this. Update it every few months else you forget what happened to grandma’s blender from the 1950s.


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